Shamrockfest 2016. Wow!

Shamrockfest this past Saturday was amazing!  We somehow got the luck of the Irish to be invited to play the biggest St Patty’s Day festival in the country, located right here in Washington DC.  We were the only DC area band to play it so the pressure was on to represent.  We’ve been a band for less than a year so there were definitely some nerves, especially since all of the other bands who played are amazing and have been together for a long time.  We got up there, did our thing, there was an awesome crowd, and I think everybody had a killer time (especially us)!  Awesome experience and milestone for everyone in the band.  One of our lead singers, Schwartzy, has been filming places for the Travel Channel lately so he and one of their producers have become buddies.  That producer brought 2 other videographers and got some awesome footage from our show.  So, expect a video of the event sometime soon.  If you caught our set, thanks for hanging.  If you didn’t, hopefully there will be more in the future.  Great times.  Thanks Shamrockfest!   #FTW



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